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It is customary and the policy of our company to keep confidential information* or ideas that we receive from our entrepreneurs and investors in relation to the nature of our business or investments.  At Voobon ventures our team receives many investment enquiries each day. We regard it as crucial to our reputation, and therefore to the success of our business, that we treat those enquiries with integrity. 


We will treat any information* you send us with discretion and will not distribute it outside Voobon Ventures without your permission. 


We will not divulge confidential information* given to us as part of an investment enquiry to anyone outside Voobon Ventures or its panel of advisers without the permission of the person who sent it to us.  


We generally try to avoid potential conflicts of interest by actively working with only one team in any specific sector at any time, and we will inform you immediately if sector conflict prevents us from working with you.  If we receive an enquiry about a venture project or business or investment, which is in conflict or competition with one of our investees or a business with which we are in more advanced discussions, we will let the sender know as soon as possible after identifying the conflict.

If you submit an Executive Summary or full Business Plan, the information you provide is for the sole purpose of assisting us in our evaluation process. Submission of this information in no way implies any commitment or obligation on the part of Voobon Ventures, Inc.  Any financing provided by Voobon Ventures, Inc will be done so only after a careful review of your plan, personal meetings with the member of the company and appropriate internal approvals.  For more details about this please see  the  "Investment Process and "Entrepreneur" sections of this website.

The information* we publish about our investments on this web site will also help executives to assess possible conflicts but, if in any doubt, please contact us to discuss the situation.

We do not, however, sign any forms of non-disclosure agreement or letters of confidentiality. We receive so many plans each week, that if we signed every NDA request, we would quickly be swamped with legal documents. See our Investment Process section for details.


Our reputation depends on our professionalism and our ability to maintain the trust of the entrepreneurs with whom we work. We will take care and make every possible effort to keep your materials confidential.


*Information that is neither obvious nor in the public domain at the time of our receiving.

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