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  Our philosophy on entrepreneurial investing is based on the following 3 key Principles:


We seek to develop a long lasting, trusting, principal-to-principal partnership with each management team, where our experience is valued and can be contributed as required in the boardroom. Within this partnership we endeavor to understand and share the objectives of all stakeholders and then structure a deal that affords an equitable balance of the risks and rewards for each party.
The team at Voobon Ventures believes that open communication is a key factor in successful deal negotiations. In this way we seek to be forthright in our views on a potential investment and its progress within our process. Once we have committed to an investment, we encourage all parties to conduct discussions in a consultative, rational and intelligent manner as development issues are encountered and resolved. We welcome and believe in people of integrity. We applaud the individual who practices honesty and fairness. Ultimately each individual's strength of character will ensure that we maintain a business with integrity.
Protecting and securing our Corporate and Individual investors invested Principal Capital is our core responsiveness. We know that the investment lead time is a vital consideration for companies raising funding, so we aim to make the process from deal identification to acceptance or decline as rapid as possible. Voobon Ventures is an owner managed firm, with a small core investment team. There are no layers of bureaucracy. If the proposal suits our portfolio we can move quickly to get the deal done.


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