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We welcome you to our website and encourage you to read attentively to understand our private equity venture capital investment strategy.

At Voobon Ventures, we believe entrepreneurs are extraordinary. Our team consists of investors who have also founded and grown companies, so we know how to help because we've done it ourselves. Our philosophy is to provide support to help you turn your talented idea or technology into a self-sustaining business with real value.

We seek out entrepreneurs who have the energy, discipline, motivation, dedication, vision and courage to create something from nothing and the desire to work with investment partners who have the experience to help them get there. We like capable people attacking big markets with a viable strategy for establishing sustainable leadership.

At Voobon Ventures, we are constantly looking for companies with a unique selling proposition and large market opportunity with the potential for greater than average profitability.

Making our financial investment is just the start of a business relationship, which we aim to make creative and supportive. Voobon Ventures relies on the collective business and financial expertise of our principals and investors. On behalf of our investors, we provide seed and early stage financing to young emerging growth companies.

We are interested in companies that strive on a global outlook primarily in the Real Estate Residential and Commercial Property Developments & Acquisitions, and any market driven opportunities including in Information Technology, Telecommunications, VoIP, Wireless Solutions, Applications Software, Motion Picture Productions, Entertainment & Broadcasting Media, Alternative Energy Sectors, Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, and Restaurants.

Most importantly, we are looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate, dedicated, motivated and have integrity to make a real impact with their innovative business models and, of course, significant returns.

Due to the high volume of proposals received, we are unable to respond to all inquiries. Voobon Ventures is a small venture fund and incubator with limited capital and management bandwidth. As such, we must be very selective regarding our projects. We may not be able to invest in your business or we may not be the right matches for you, there for before you submit your proposal to us we encourage you to read and understand carefully our “Investment Strategy” and “Investment Criteria” sections of this website to see if we are the right partner for you.

We are committed to the long-term success of our investments.

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