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Investment Criteria

The private equity investment sector has emerged from a fledging segment of the capital markets to become a major asset class. It is a discipline that requires a wide range of skills and functional expertise to manage consummate and manage investments to liquidity.

Our investment criteria insure solid partnerships and successful transactions.

We are looking for seed, early stage, start up business opportunities in emerging technologies, including embryonic stage projects within the academic community.

Voobon Ventures, Inc. typically makes equity investments ranging in size from $2 - $25 million. The companies in which we invest have strong management teams and operating performance that can support an appropriate degree of financial leverage.

Our firmís primary geographic focus for investments is the United States, although international investments are considered if there is a U.S. element to the business and strong local partner participations available.

We select our venture companies according to our well-established investment Criteria described as follow:

  Industry Focus.  
  Types of Investments.  
  Our Role.  
  Investment size and returns.  
  Geographic Scope.  
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