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Investment Policy

Typically, we seek investment opportunities towards the equity for our Venture Capital Investments of between USD $2 - $25 million. However, each investment is individual and must be tailored to meet the objectives of both the Portfolio Company and Voobon Ventures best interest.

In considering a prospective investment in a company, particular regard will be paid to:

  1. Visionary Leadership

  2. The strength of the management team

  3. The existence of proprietary technology

  4. Clear revenue model

  5. Global growth potential

  6. Presence of clear operating and management policy

  7. Fair valuation

  8. Presence of new innovative and creative ideas

  9. Synergy with existing portfolio

  10. Evidence of high-margin products or services capable of addressing fast-growing markets.

  11. The company’s ability to sustain a competitive advantage

  12. Exit visibility: The company’s prospects of being sold or achieving a flotation within maximum of 10 years


   Liquid Investments for the pending Investments

The Company’s liquid investments will be maintained in Money Market Funds with the objective of generating income whilst maintaining the Company’s capital pending investment in Venture Capital Investments. Money Market Funds invest at least 95% of their assets in money market instruments (ie cash and near cash, such as bank deposits, very short term fixed interest securities or floating rate notes). The main objective will be the protection of capital so that priority will be given to the credit rating of the funds used rather than the rate of interest offered.

   Co-investment Policy

The Company expects to co-invest alongside other funds managed or advised by the Investment Advisors. This will enable the Company to invest in a wider range and a larger size of transactions than it might otherwise be able to access.
Where more than one of the funds managed or advised by the Investment Advisor wishes to participate in an investment opportunity, allocations will generally be made in proportion to the net cash raised for each fund, other than where investments are proposed to be made in a company where a fund has a pre-existing investment. Implementation of this policy will be subject to the availability of monies to make the investment and other portfolio considerations such as sector exposure and the requirement to achieve or maintain a minimum of 70% of the Company’s portfolio in Qualifying Companies. Any variation from this co-investment policy insofar as it affects the Company may only be made with the prior approval of the Directors who are independent of the Investment Advisor.

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