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Investment Process

Every transaction is unique and most require a creative approach to achieve the best results. Our investment process is structured to provide a fast response to investment opportunities. We initially screen Executive summary and then offering memoranda or businesses plans meet with the management team. Time is valuable to both investment managers and entrepreneurs and as a first step we ask that you send us an Executive Summary as described below to review. Keep in mind that the Executive Summary is the framework for ‘selling’ your idea and should be a clear, coherent, informative and balanced case for raising money.

Click here for a thumbnail of the sections that an executive summary, or full business plan, should contain.

There are 12 straightforward steps to our investment process and at any stage we may make a decision not to invest.

    12 Steps of our Investment Process:  

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    1. Initiation
    2. Initial Review
    3. Further Information Requested
    4. Discussion
    5. Initial Due Diligence
    6. Indicative Terms Agreed
    7. Evaluation
    8. Full Due Diligence
    9. Final Decision
    10. Legal Documents Drafted And Agreed
    11. Completions and Transfer of Funds
    12. Ongoing
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