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Investment Strategy

Voobon Ventures, Inc. is in the Venture Capital Investment management and business development business that backs both talented new business idea and experienced successful management to start a new company or acquire an existing one, by way of a management buy-in or a management buy-out. In certain instances we may provide replacement equity for businesses whose initial investors may be seeking an exit earlier than management would ideally wish.

We are looking for seed, early stage, start up business opportunities in the Real Estate Development, Alternative Energy, Independent Motion Picture,   emerging technologies, including embryonic stage projects within the academic community.
However, VV doesn't back any start-up, just those businesses that are founded by CEOs who have already successfully developed a significant business before, often a division within a larger company, and who have a large personal shareholding in the new company.  

Each business we support should be capable of becoming a large company in its own right. The new company will be within the sector of expertise of the management team and be capable of emulating their talent or previous success.

We select our Venture Companies according to our well-established investment strategies described as follow:



Management buy-ins and management buy-outs    

Management Attributes    

Management Strategy    

Funding Strategy    

Business Development    


Exit Strategy    

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